I adore this family. They were PERFECT for my new “Unlimited Session”. This type of session gives room to relax, be candid, have fun, and not worry as much about spending your precious shots trying to get that perfect smiling family photo. We ran around downtown Franklin and had some ice cream- which I have to add was a hilariously brilliant idea. Silly Grayson knew he was suppose to be on his best behavior and used it to his advantage leveraging, “Okay, if I eat this ice cream, then do I get to play computer games when I get home?” Hahahaha this kid, he has it allllll figured out! As for the rest of the family, well, Violet is just the cutest little ball of sass. Her personality shines so bright, even through chocolate ice cream! (Oh… you’ll see.) And as for these awesome kiddos’ parents, Lessie and Brandon are the creators of Forage South, an awesome culinary business with some artisan biscuit mixes and more recently a mouthwatering greens boil. Do yourself a favor and check them out. You won’t regret it.

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