I have no idea how we’re already at this point. I have no baby left anymore. It honestly makes me want to cry. Tonight after his bad I wrapped him up in a towel, swaddle style, and rocked him as he giggled and giggled. He’s a full blown toddler. Sometimes it’s awesome. I’m amazed at how smart he is, how much he understands. Sometimes it’s terrible too, man, he wants to communicate so badly and can’t and it causes some nasty tantrums, plus, I swear at this age they have some sort of amphetamine running through their system, this kid never stops moving! All in all, it’s been the most amazing 18 months. I know it’s cliche but I feel so incredibly blessed to have this little boy in my life and I love him more than I ever knew I could love. So here are his 18 month portraits. We tried to take them on the beach while we were vacationing and it was just a big ol mess so instead I did them in the studio, where he is super comfortable with the lights and stage and camera. He didn’t let me down though, in true 18 month old form he only gave me about 5 full minutes of his time before his attention was elsewhere. I was singing and dancing all over the room while still trying to snap the pictures. Precious boy, how I love you.

18 month photos spring hill, tn18 month photos spring hill, tn18 month photos spring hill, tn18 month photos spring hill, tn