The truth is, most senior boys don’t want to take photos. I think they have this image in their head of lights and light discs and ring flashes and a make-up artist powdering their nose after every shot with mom standing over them saying “Use your real smile!” Often I hear parents say “we only need one outfit, it’s going to be hard enough to get him to do that.” I have found that the best way to combat this is to move quickly and keep them comfortable. I have been around enough teenagers that I can carry on a conversation about just about any topic and I work very quickly minimizing any “work” on their part. When it came to Nick’s session we met up at sunrise in Downtown Franklin and the entire session took about 15 minutes, I was even able to talk him into throwing on a pull-over from his favorite college team for a “second outfit”. If your son isn’t wanting to do the senior portrait thing give me a call, lets work out something that will work for him!