Julianne is a precious friend of mine. I’ve been photographing her family for 7 years, she was one of my very first clients when I photographed her (then) 2 year old daughter. Now, 3 kids later she decided that for this last delivery, she wanted a photographer present. I love this decision. Now, don’t hear me wrong- I don’t love it because I’m a photographer who photographs births, I love it because I think that births are so beautiful and important, and as someone who has experienced it, I know how wild of a ride it is and how hard it is to look back and remember all those details. In my opinion, births are more important than weddings in terms of what needs to be photographed. I will be forever thankful for the photos I have of my son’s brith and that’s always in my mind photographing births. I want to tell your story in a way that will always bring you joy and the memories of those first moments. Welcome Leah Rose, you are beautiful and you have a wonderful wonderful family who loves you very much.