Can I ask you more questions?2017-08-18T23:34:42-05:00

Yes please! I love questions. In fact, I love talking to people all around, so PLEASE, head on over to my contact page and ask me anything you’d like!

Where can I view the images that I had taken?2017-09-21T04:28:43-05:00

You can view your images (and share with family and friends) at clients.sarahjonesportraits.com . If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me.

What’s your favorite lens?2017-08-18T02:53:34-05:00

My 35mm is probably my favorite lens right now. It just does such a good job of helping to tell the story!

Can I buy the disc?2017-09-21T04:29:34-05:00

Almost all of my photography packages include your digital images and printing rights.

What should I wear?2017-08-18T02:52:54-05:00

This is the hardest question to answer! It totally depends on you! Don’t wear something you wouldn’t normally wear, you want your images to look like you!

I do though keep pinterest boards of inspiration for what to wear for different seasons… https://www.pinterest.com/sarahjportraits/

What’s your favorite thing to photograph?2017-08-18T02:52:36-05:00

There is a famous quote by Immogen Cunningham that says, “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” It’s so true. I am just as excited about every session as the last.

I love to photograph the true emotions and personality of people. That means siblings hugging and the whole family giggling. Capturing more than just images, but moments. It means seniors looking fabulous, and newborns looking precious.

Most recently I’ve gotten into birth photography which is a very special thing that I am really enjoying right now.

How long have you been taking pictures?2017-08-18T02:52:05-05:00

I discovered photography when I was a junior in high school and I worked on the yearbook staff. As a senior I started taking pictures of my friends and I haven’t stopped photographing people since!

I studied photography & graphic design in college and have worked in multiple portrait studios before taking a leap of faith and going solo in October 2012.

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