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Verity’s Birth : Nashville, TN Birth Photography


The 5th sibling, Verity made sure everyone knew she was doing things on her own terms, she waited longer than her siblings, and she put up more of a fight than her siblings, and she was bigger than her siblings! But boy is she beautiful and so so loved. Surrounded by family Verity's first hours of life were so precious and it was such an honor to be present for them.

Lee & Lindsey’s Wedding : Spring Hill, TN Photography


Lee and Lindsey have a really sweet, really special story. After many, many years together, and two beautiful boys later they said their "I do"s in front of an intimate crowd of friends and family. It was really sweet to get to be there with them on this beautiful rainy day. Congratulations you guys.

Powell Family Photos : Franklin, Tn Photography


I went a little overboard on this session, but sometimes that just happens, a client signs up for one size session and then we are in such a fun location, and the kids are so well behaved, that we just end up shooting way more. I loved this so much, they girls are so precious and you can just tell they are best friends! (Anyone else getting Anna and Elsa vibes?) Thanks Powells for choosing me for your fall family portraits!

Taylor & Austin’s Engagement Photos : Chattanooga, TN


I made a little trip for this one- but why wouldn't I, it's my baby brother! We did the early morning thing and hit some incredible locations. I love these two so much and even if they are super awkward in front of the camera, I am so thankful for them. I can't wait for Taylor to be officially in the family in the Spring!  

Joseph’s Newborn Photos : Spring Hill, TN Photographer


Joseph is the sweetest little snuggle bug, he fell right asleep for his portraits and I could have kept photographing him all day. That's the beauty of an unlimited session (especially when older siblings are involved)- with no limit to the number of images, we can do all the things, take all the photos. I always always recommend this size session for a newborn with older siblings. Have a look at Joseph's and see why!

Zach & Allie’s Rehearsal Dinner : Lawrenceburg, TN Photography


I love photographing rehearsal dinners, they are so fun and set the tone for the wedding. Rehearsal dinners like this are even better - good food, good music, lots of dancing- SO great. Zach and Allie are precious, these are dear friends to us, and we love them and their love story. Something is just so so beautiful about a couple that is so clearly meant to be together. Congratulations friends, so much love and luck and prayers and best wishes as you enter this new chapter!  

Strobel Maternity Photos : Franklin, TN Photography


When Alyssa reached out to me she said she wanted her maternity session to look like a family session, just pregnant, and I was so excited because that's exactly how I wanted MY maternity session to look. I love that feeling of just documenting life during this stage. So that is what we did, we played and laughed and enjoyed the park!

Jayme’s Bridal Portraits : Franklin, TN Photography

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Jayme is a sweet sweet friend. Getting married is a heavily photographed time in your life and Jayme (and her now husband Nathan) did something awesome- they checked in with each of their photographer friends to photograph a different element, one for engagement, one for engagement portraits, one for bridal and one for the wedding itself. Getting to spend time with Jayme celebrating in this way was so special, and additionally we took photos at our church where they attend, yet did not get married, which I felt was even more special.

Holiday Cards : Adoption Fundraiser


Hi friends! Our holiday card fundraiser has been a great success in years past and we are excited to bring it back again this year! The photo(s) for your card does not have to be a photo I took! Just shoot me a message ( [email protected] or through this website ) for ordering! A pack of 25 cards is $18.75 and we make .25 per card which goes directly into our adoption fund. I am happy to customize any of these designs for you as much as possible including adding or subtracting images, changing the wording, adding wording, shifting colors, etc. Thank you so much for your constant love and support! Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5 Option 6 Option 7 Option 8 Option 9 Option 10 Option 11 Option 12 Option 13 Option 14 Option 15 Option 16 Option 17 Option 18 Option 19 Option 20 Option 21 Option 22 Option 23 Option 24 Option 25 Option 26 Option 27 Option 28 Option 29 Option 30 Option 31 Option 32 Option 33 Option 34 Option 35 Option 36 Option 37 Option 38 Option 39 Option 40 Option 41 Option 42 Option 43 Option 44 Option 45 Option 47 Option 48 Option 49 Option 50 Option 51 Option 52 Option 53 Option 54 Option 55 Option 56 Option 57 Option 58 Option 59 Option 60 Option 61 Option 62 Option 63 Option 64 Option 65 Option 66 Option 67 Option 68

I am a portrait photographer serving the middle TN area.

I offer photo sessions for all times and stages in life. I specialize in story-telling with a lifestyle approach. My goal is to follow my clients through numerous stages of their life from weddings and births to children and family portraits and then to high school seniors. I am also available for birthday parties, family reunions, and anything in between. I do most of my sessions on-location at local parks or client’s homes. I have a small studio as well for photographing younger children. My goal is to personalize your session to exactly what you need and to help me do that I offer many different sized sessions from unlimited sessions which allow for outfit and location changes and wonderful candid moments down to quick milestone sessions to capture growing little ones, birthday sessions or even annual holiday card photos. I design my packages with myself in mind, and what I would want out of a session, because of that, almost always the high-resolution images are included as well as an online gallery for sharing with friends and family. I also offer high-quality professional prints at a low rate.

I love every second of what I do, the main thing you should know about me and my photography is that we are the same in a lot of ways: colorful, vibrant, full of life, sometimes spontaneous, and passionate about memories. Everything in my business is modeled after what I have learned from being a photographer for more than 10 years and from being a consumer of photography- as a student, as a bride, and now a mother. I want to capture the feeling of a moment in time, even if that just means capturing the Christmas card photo where everyone looks like themselves and happy. It means that if your kid doesn’t want to sit still and smile I will chase them around and bribe them with candy till we get what we are after, kids are kids after all! I am playful and energetic but also, I am emotional and deeply connected to the feelings of a moment, I look for details to capture that tell a story, whether it is a birth or a wedding or a family reunion, telling the story of an event is in the details. In the end, what is most important to me is that you get what you are after out of your session, so let’s chat, make a plan, and make it happen!