Hello! I am Sarah and I am a photographer working in Franklin, TN. Franklin is a wonderful place full of history and southern charm. Downtown Main Street creates a backdrop that is interesting and unique, while parks, playgrounds, farms and fields also make for beautiful locations to create portraits. These settings are perfect for everything from weddings to family photos to capturing your children through their lives.

My style is photojournalistic, telling stories through details and emotion. My portraits are warm and colorful, with a sharp approach that draws you into the moment, I also present all my images in a matte black and white that takes the focus and draws it into the emotion of the moment.

I have created a business model that seeks to answer my own question of “What would I want?” I have been working in this field for more than 10 years and have experienced it as a consumer as well, as a high school senior, a bride, and now as a mother. Every session I seek to get you exactly what you want out of the shoot, regardless of if it’s a birth, a family reunion, high school senior portrait or an engagement session. My high energy and emotional awareness always works in your favor. So, let’s chat! Let me know what you are looking to get out of your photo session and we can make a plan that is right for you!

Location Highlights for Franklin, TN:

Downtown Franklinwww.downtownfranklintn.com ) – this award winning area is beautiful and timeless, and is the perfect backdrop for capturing real-life family portraits, as well as images that tell the story of the where and not just the who. The Franklin Theatre (www.franklintheatre.com ) and GRAY’s on Main ( www.graysonmain.com ) with their classic neon signage create a “best of days” look and feel. There are also tons of hidden nooks, stairwells, fences, gardens and backdrops that are perfect for photographing children, high school seniors, or couples. Downtown Franklin is one of my clients’ most popular location choices.

Harlinsdale Farm – this 200-acre park is under regular refurbishment and development and hosts many events within this history city. Endless white fencing, rolling hills, walking paths, barns, horse stables and ponds are just some of the background options available. This is a beautiful diverse location that is very popular to photographers in the area, especially in autumn!

Pinkerton Park – growing up this park was my place. I remember as a child playing on the playground and watching it grow and change and as a teen I remember meeting friends for picnics and games of ultimate frisbee. This park hosts a large wooden playground that is ideal for lifestyle type child portraits as well as walking trails, fields, and a large beautiful bridge that connects the area to nearby downtown Franklin. Also nearby, through a short hiking trail is Fort Granger which offers a haven of nature surrounded by trees and fields with no sign of city life. Pinkerton park is a great location choice for families with little ones who may need a little motivation to focus, and with the promise of time on the playground right around the corner we are sure to get the best smiles!