I am so passionate about birth photography. It’s really something everyone should have. It’s a one time thing- giving birth to that child, and honestly, most don’t remember it. There is a lot of emotion, a lot of stuff happening, and a lot of chemicals releasing in your body. It’s such an important moment you should remember the details. You should remember the way your husband sat by your bedside while you waited and made you laugh, you should remember the nurse that held your hand and taught you how to push, you should remember that her eyes were open the first time you saw her, or that he cried while being wrapped up for the first time. These are the moments that really matter and birth photography captures that. Birth photography is not a science-book documentary approach (at least not my birth photography!) It’s a story-telling, detail gathering, moment capturing one. Margaret Claire’s big sister Olivia was the first birth I ever photographed, so being there for her birth was super special. Her parents are precious and relaxed and a joy to be around, and so is she! She is already so loved and such a blessing to her family and all those who love on her. Happy Birthday Little Princess Margaret.