In October it was hot and it was cold and it was anything but fall, the trees were green and the ground was wet. I went out of town for a week and a half. When I came home the trees were barren, the skies were grey and it was dark at 4pm. I’ve been moving all my photo sessions to 2:00 and making it work, frustrated that I seemed to have missed the one week of fall that middle TN had to offer me. On this fall day though, I continued to have to message the Cranston family pushing their session back half hour by half hour to get the sunset because it was a BEAUTIFUL fall day. I love this session- I love the sweet family first, but I also love the location, the weather, the colors- the fall-ness of it all. So thankful for this beautiful fall day and that this family was willing to be flexible on time to make it work just right!