2015 was an awesome year for my photo world. I added weddings to my portfolio, which was super fun while also being super challenging. I photographed more births which are my favorite favorite favorite. I hit my goal of doing more cake smash sessions in one year than I had done so far in my career, which was awesome. Toddlers eating cake is amazingly entertaining. I even photographed a newborn baby calf! TONS of kiddos. TONS of babies. TONS and TONS of families and just so so much fun. It’s easy to see which of my images are my client’s favorites. It’s the ones they print, the ones they make their profile photo, the ones they post heart emojis on, but these, these are MY favorites. Sometimes it’s because of the style of the photography, sometimes it’s the emotion, sometimes it’s how the subject’s personality is captured, sometimes it’s the memory that goes with the image, and sometimes it’s just something I can’t name that speaks to me about it. I couldn’t really narrow it down to just ONE favorite image (although Grayson Frohne in this moment of peace in the sunshine in this field is probably the winner) these are my favorites of 2015.
franklin tn photography franklin tn photography

While those 8 images are my top favorites of 2015, here are some more that I love from this past year.
spring hill tn photography spring hill tn photography spring hill tn photography