It’s taken me half of January to get this blog together. Why? Because I had a super hard time deciding. I noticed a couple of things though… #1 my favorite images have to do with how they make me feel. A lot of time that means details, or blur. I love the artistry of capturing the feeling. #2 I love black and white as much or more than color. Black and white captures the emotion- the feeling (again). I love that so much. My goal is always to capture that classic frame-able image but I also want to capture an image that reminds you of a moment, or time in life, and how it felt or how it made you feel. When my clients look at their images I want them to feel something.  I noticed that it didn’t really matter what I was photographing- newborn, kids, families, weddings, seniors- it was about the emotion when picking favorites. Anyways, y’all aren’t here to read my writing but to see the images. So here we go.
My favorite image of 2017: