I’m in complete denial. How did my sweet baby boy get so big so fast? I wasn’t like a lot of little girls, growing up dreaming of being a mama. I didn’t plan on getting married right out of college, and when I did I definitely didn’t plan on getting pregnant. But God had such bigger plans for me and He gave me this precious wonderful gift. Charging into this world on the one day we didn’t want to have a baby, showing right away how in-charge he would always be. Giving me so much trouble by insisting on facing upward- so he can see everything just like now, how he must know everything. He asks a million questions until he completely understands whatever the topic is. The mind on this kid is so incredibly beautifully wild. He is creative, and imaginative, and smart- SO smart. He makes me laughs and tricks me with my own words on a regular basis, but what is most beautiful about him is his heart. He prays for his family and his friends, he prays for his sibling in Haiti, he feels sympathy more than I would ever imagine for a child his age, and he is so affectionate. He tells me he loves me at least 10 times per day. I could never have asked for anything better in my life and now here he is, four years old and my sunshine. Happy Birthday baby boy. Four is going to be so so amazing.