Hi friends! A small updated from us on our adoption process: we are still waiting. As you can imagine, 2020 has added extra time and waiting to the process and we continue to wait for a match. We were so hopeful this time last year but understandably it just hasn’t happened. We have high hopes for 2021! Once we get our match things should really get moving and about 9-12 months after that should be homecoming. Due to the long wait there are additional unexpected fees of keeping everything up to date and our holiday card fundraiser has been a great success in years past and we are excited to bring it back again this year!

The photo(s) for your card does not have to be a photo I took! Just shoot me a message ( [email protected] or through this website ) for ordering!

A pack of 25 cards is $18.75 and we make .25 per card which goes directly into our adoption fund. I am happy to customize any of these designs for you as much as possible including adding or subtracting images, changing the wording, adding wording, shifting colors, etc.

Thank you so much for your constant love and support!